Promoting calves to replacement heifers, cows, or bulls

When you have decided that a calf should now enter the mature herd, either as a cow (replacement heifer**) or bull, the animal needs to be promoted. Promoting changes the animal type from Calf to Bull or Calf to Cow, depending on the animal’s sex.

Promoting multiple animals at once 

Select the animals from a Group or a Pasture. The calves must have the Sex assigned before they can be promoted.  Steers will remain as calves after being promoted.

From an animal list screen, simply check the checkboxes by one or more animals.

Click Update Selected Animals, then choose Record Calfhood Procedures, click Continue.

You can fill out any of the information that is on the popup, but if you are promoting this animal(s) be sure to check the box next to Promote.

When you are finished filling out this popup, click Record Calfhood Procedures and your animals are promoted in the herd.

Promoting one animal at a time

Open the animal's detail page > Record New Activity button > select Promote to Cows or Promote to Herd Sire (depending on whether or not the animal is a heifer or bull).

**To learn how to use category for tracking first calf heifers or replacement heifers, view this article: Using Category for Tracking Heifers

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